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Welcome to SRI SPICE!

 I have been tasting and tweaking my range of curries and side dishes for many years. They are a true labour of love.

 I hand make everything in Fife, Scotland in small batches to ensure optimum freshness.

I have done all of the hard work so you can cook delicious Sri Lankan inspired curries in your own home, with the greatest of ease.

We’ve tested and tweaked them until they are truly scrumptious! – all you need to do is open the bag, enjoy the fresh aroma and then follow our easy to use recipe card. Our curry powders and curry spice packs are carefully slow-roasted and blended by hand in small batches to give them that wonderful fresh taste of Sri Lanka.

I dry the curry and rampe leaves , I also bash the cardamom and have taken time to create my own secret blend of un-roasted and roasted curry powders that you will find in each of your spice packs, depending on the recipe – this takes lots of care and attention. I feel it gives so much more flavour than standard alternatives. I can also be sure of the quality.

Our stand-up bags are foil lined to keep our spice blends fresh and in the dark – that way they can arrive at your door in perfect condition.

We really hope that you love them as much as we do.
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