How our Curry Kits are made

  • I wash, then dry the rampe and curry leaves myself for maximum flavour – ready-dried leaves seem to have no flavour!
  • I crush the black and green cardamoms in a pestle and mortar to open them slightly so that you don’t have to. They are then added to the packet with the whole spices and leaves.
  • The Unroasted Curry Powder is made by measuring, grinding and blending together the individual spices.
  • The Roasted Curry Powder is made by slowly roasting each ingredient separately, leaving it to cool a little and then finally grinding everything to a fine powder-this takes a long time but the results make it worthwhile.
  • The Sri Spice curry powders are then added together with the other ground spices such as turmeric, paprika, chilli etc. depending on the recipe.
  • The dried chilli flakes are put into their own little packet to satisfy those who like it hot!

Unlike most other spice packets on the market Sri Spice packs contain real Ceylon Cinnamon (not the cheaper cassia bark). We like to use only the best quality ingredients.

The packets are then sealed in little bags and put into the foil lined pouches to ensure optimum freshness on arrival at your door.

How our Curry Kits are made Sri Spice
How our Curry Kits are made Sri Spice